Evidence of Time Travel
John Foxx and Steve D'Agostino
Label : Metamatic



Evidence of Time Travel is a unique investigation of the terrors and pleasures of temporal displacement. A sinister sonic architecture of drum-machine-music and analogue synthesizers.

Opens with ‘The Forbidden Experiment’, as surveillance TV glitches and the ghostly, ripped-up multi-temporal universe of ‘Evidence of Time Travel’ infiltrates the labyrinth of dark electronica.

Span forty years in a moment . . . ultimate time transfusion . . . skin crackles, a rhapsody in flames.. witness images of torn, ruthless smiles through the crashed distortion; try to recall the future memory of a figure lost on a distant shore.

Music by John Foxx & Steve D’Agostino

Synths and Theremin by: Katia Isakoff

Mixed by Katia Isakoff and Steve D’Agostino

Produced by Steve D’Agostino


Images by Karborn

Design by Barnbrook 


1 The Forbidden Experiment
2 Evidence Of Time Travel
3 Who Can Resist A Twisted Kiss
4 Rhapsody In Flames
5 A Blurred Line Of Fiction
6 Impenetrable Inevitable
7 Surgical Precision
8 The Tearing Sound Of Smiling
9 Momentary Miracles
10 Collision Architecture
11 Empty Clothing Blows Across A Beach